Use cases

Discover many ways to take advantage of Linkcard

Linkcard for Insurance Brokers

Linkcard for Insurance Brokers Linkcard for Insurance Brokers: Empower leads & communication. Use Linkcard to communicate effectively and empower your

Linkcard for File Sharing

Unlimited Linking Power: Linkcard for File Sharing Linkcard simplifies the cumbersome process of file transfers. {{ vc_btn: title=Continue+reading&style=gradient-custom&gradient_custom_color_1=%233c5654&gradient_custom_color_2=%233c5654&shape=round&size=lg&link=url%3A%2523read }} In

Linkcard for Influencers

Linkcard for Influencers Linkcard has all the tools you need to boost your social media profiles and improve your reach.

Linkcard for Wine Producers

Linkcard for Wine Producers Improving your digital marketing with Linkcard!. Linkcard is a user-friendly platform that brings several digital marketing

Job hunting with Linkcard

Job hunting with Linkcard Create microsites for resumes, CVs, and portfolios. Imagine having all your work information in one digital

Linkcard as a digital marketing solution for manufacturers

Marketing solution for manufacturers You can build amazing micro-websites, and digital marketing assets all on your own, go live quickly,

How can startups use microsites to improve marketing strategies?

How to improve marketing strategies? Microsites offer startups a deep well of digital marketing possibilities. {{ vc_btn: title=Continue+reading&style=gradient-custom&gradient_custom_color_1=%233c5654&gradient_custom_color_2=%233c5654&shape=round&size=lg&link=url%3A%2523read }} Websites

Microsites for product launches

Microsites for product launches To get eyes on your new product you will need to have a website to host

Microsites for event organization and marketing

Microsites for event organization and marketing Use our templates to create unique event microsites for events. Handle invites, plan, and

Microsites: A great digital tool for medical product distribution

A great digital tool for medical product distribution These small websites have immense potential to help medical distributors sell your

Linkcard for Small business

Linkcard for Small business What are business mobile sites and microsites? Linkcard was founded under as a no-code, mobile-first microsite

Linkcard for Newsletters

Linkcard for Newsletters Newsletters have become a huge tool in digital marketing for brands and companies. They help businesses stay

Linkcard for Real Estate

Linkcard for Real Estate Real estate cards are a great digital marketing tool that powers your communication. You can reach

Linkcard for Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing Guerrilla marketing comes from the military term ‘guerrilla warfare’ which refers to a non-tactical force, with fewer constraints

Linkcard for Email signature marketing

Email signature marketing After you’ve designed and created your Digital Business Card or other templates you can turn them into

Linkcard for Designers & Marketers

Designers & Marketers How can designers and marketers create portfolio websites easily? With Linkcard! We had our own design team

Linkcard for Business Cards

Linkcard for Business Cards Say goodbye to traditional print business cards and hello to the best digital alternative. New ways

Linkcard for Link-in-Bio

Link-in-Bio with Linkcard Link in Bio is a tool that can power your digital marketing strategies in all your social

Linkcard for Healthcare

Linkcard for Healthcare Linkcard has created a new COVID-19 digital vaccine template to give you even more options and choices,

Linkcard for Distributors

Linkcard for Distributors Questlight is a groundbreaking company at the forefront of importing medical laser technology and other health-related devices

Linkcard for Independents

Linkcard for Independents Our client Gina Hayes works for Trademarkia, also called Legal Force, primarily deal with trademark applications. Working