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Linkcard for Business Cards

Linkcard for Business Cards

Say goodbye to traditional print business cards and hello to the best digital alternative. New ways of networking need newer business card options. Linkcard has created more than one template for your next and best business card.

What are Digital Business Cards?

Like the name suggests a digital business card is the digital equivalent of traditional business cards, the next step in its evolution if you will. They are used for business or personal introductions and contain the most important information on a person or company liaison.

Unlike paper cards, the digital version can be updated, designed, and personalized time and time again, depending on your needs and that makes. There are no space limits with these cards, as you can add whatever information you consider important like your name, email, phone, and then add on special features like a calendar link or a photo. The best part is that with digital business cards you decide!

So, what are digital business cards? They are the tool you want to make an impression in your next meeting, a way to stay relevant, save money and go forward with your ventures.

Why we created this template?

Smart business cards have a ton of benefits to offer users, they are easier to use, update, greener, and so much more. The format is also perfect for the type of no-code app Linkcard is, a microsite creation with a lot of power. So, it was naturally one of the first uses we gave to Linkcard’s mobile sites.

Use Linkcard’s Business Cards Template for

  1. Networking in meetings and everyday life
  2. Share your information safely and without contact
  3. Create an email signature
  4. Add your social media profiles for LinkedIn. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
  5. Link to your website
  6. Have a direct messaging link
  7. Add google maps address to your business
  8. Include a book calendar meeting

Check out the demo here

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