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Microsites for event organization and marketing

Microsites for event organization and marketing

Use our templates to create unique event microsites for events. Handle invites, plan, and track your guests all in one place!

Almost all companies use events as a marketing strategy and we all know how important it is to get every detail right. Using microsites for events allows you to take your planning to the next level, making it more organized, user-friendly, and attractive. Bite-size websites that are super targeted to your needs and make your event as successful as possible!

What are event microsites?

Microsites are hyper-focused websites that are geared towards one goal whether it’s an event, product launch, or more, you can check out our microsite use cases to get a better idea.

These one-page websites are easier to make and hold more topic-specific content that might not fit on your main website.

Microsites are especially useful for events because they can host event information, sign-up lists, and be updated quickly. It also allows you to track event data and get a clearer picture of your event numbers.

How does a microsite help your event planning?

Everyone that has had to host an event knows that planning is the key to meeting your goals. There are many things that can go wrong if you don’t have the right organization and microsites can be a great tool for that.

Having a website dedicated to your event means a single stream of information, that you can then link out to on social media, blogs, etc. That means updating only one site and having all your sign-ups in one place.

The size and hyper-focused nature of microsites are a perfect fit for event planning.

Top benefits of using microsites for your next event 

Most of the top brands in the world use microsites to drive attention to specific efforts or even as their main site because of all the benefits they offer.

Think about this → more than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices and the average attention span is 8 seconds. So, a smaller but powerful format is the best to get your message across.

Better opportunities for event branding 

Having a microsite for your next event will expand your branding opportunities and give you the space to be more creative.

Why? Because you don’t have to use your main website to advertise for the event you can allow yourself more freedom in messaging, and the chance to create more pieces for branding this specific event.

This means you can have a whole new look, designs, and personality for the event microsite. You can take inspiration from the event theme, business goals, or products.

More targeted messaging 

Same as with the graphic side of things, event messaging also gets a boost from using microsites.

Since you will have a single-page site dedicated to your event, you can create a unique messaging, and tone of voice and give detailed information about the affair.

Have all your event messaging, meet-up details, downloadables, sign-up forms and more, tailored-made and on one page.

Optimized data tracking 

Data is everything for website planning and it means a great deal for event organization too.

Knowing who is attending or interested in your event can provide important numbers that can have a huge effect on your planning.

Event microsites allow you to track traffic precisely and keep the right numbers in mind, with no cross data from other users like you would have using your homepage.

Quick and easy setup

Creating a microsite once you have the right platform and templates is super fast and easy!

Unlike adding a new page to your main website or creating a full website for each event, microsites are quick, straightforward, and cheaper to make.

Take Linkcard for example, you can build an event site on our no-code platform in just minutes and launch your event microsite as soon as you need it.

Take advantage of single-focus SEO 

Search Engine Optimization known as SEO is the set of practices that allow a website to rank higher on search engines like Google. This means sites are easier to find and reach their targets faster.

Using microsites lets you focus on your event-specific list of keywords. Setting up more strategic content development and helping you reach your target.

You can get more information on building your single-page SEO the right way on our blog.

How to create a great event microsite?

So, you decided on creating a microsite for your next event, what’s next? Make it great!

  • Use effective and clear CTAs or call to action to attract visitors
  • Highlight key speakers, guests, performers, or themes
  • Pick a professionally designed template or create custom graphics
  • Have an event guide or program available
  • Give your sponsors a shoutout
  • Add a signup form for email collection
  • Have a countdown clock to create anticipation
  • Have fun and be creative with your event microsite!
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