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Linkcard for Wine Producers

Linkcard for Wine Producers

Improving your digital marketing with Linkcard!.
Linkcard is a user-friendly platform that brings several digital marketing tools closer to wine producers.

Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world. A drink that has been around for millennia and is part of some of the most important historic events and rituals in the globe. More than that there are wines from all regions of the world and producers in almost every country. This means an increasing need for your wine to stand out to reach more palates. So, how can improving your digital marketing with Linkcard help wine producers do this? Let’s get started.

One of the best news about this industry is that wine consumption, despite its long history, keeps growing and expanding. Countries like the US with its massive market have seen a boom in wine popularity.

Everyone from local producers to international ones should be paying attention, and going digital to reach these new consumers.

How can Wine producers use Linkcard?

Linkcard is a user-friendly platform that brings several digital marketing tools closer to wine producers. Without the need for intermediaries or third-party providers you can:


  1. 1. Create micro-websites
  2. 2. Expand email marketing
  3. 3. Generate leads
  4. 4. Add digital marketing tools
  5. 5. and more!

In the age of digital, you need to go faster than before and nothing is better for that than having control over your own tools.

We created a platform that any business owner can use to build professional-grade websites with complete freedom.

Create a Wine portfolio and catalog

One of the most used Linkcard templates is portfolio microsites. These microsites help you store the whole of your wine catalog in one place, easy to access and share.

You can use this to boost your sales team’s tools, share on social media and events, add to your profile, emails, and more.

The best part? Edit it however you like, add your own images, and update freely.

A digital marketing tool 

Digital marketing has become the top channel for brand marketing efforts, especially if you are a new or small business.

The advantages of using digital marketing the right way are impactful on your longevity and revenue.

Why focus on digital marketing as a wine producer?

  • Increase your reach internationally
  • Add new markets to your sales
  • Reduce advertising costs by going digital
  • Target and segment your audience
  • Get trackable a data
  • Use data insights to make effective marketing changes
  • Change, experiment, and play with your marketing
  • Run it yourself with Linkcard

Linkcard allows you not only to create microsites for all your needs, it also tracks data on them, and gives you added marketing features to make the most of each site.

Add a sales tool 

Every Linkcard you create can be turned into a sales asset just as you share your wine catalog with interested distributors, you can use Linkcards for multiple purposes.

Turn microsites into brochures, networking opportunities, and branding platforms.

Microsites for each product 

Have you thought about launching a product with its own site or creating a digital home for one of your wine types? Then you could use Linkcard.

Our microsites allow you to create websites for different products and manage them all in one place.

This makes it easier to build a digital world around each of your wines, new product launches, seasonal promotions, and more.

Plus you can do it all from one platform!

Network and sell with digital business cards 

Digital business cards are the next level first introduction you need to become memorable. Instead of handing out a traditional card, share your personal Linkcard with everyone.

This digital card can host all your business and contact information, and connect with your website, wine catalog, order placement form, and more.

Imagine having it all in one place and being able to update or change it whenever you want.

Not only can digital business cards change the way people remember you, it also helps you keep track of leads, data, and contacts.

Generate and nurture your leads 

Sales depend on lead generation and to make those leads profitable you also need to nurture them.

Linkcard can help you not only generate new interest with increased and efficient digital marketing, but it can also assist you in managing it.

There are lead features for your microsites and digital business cards aimed at enhancing your lead strategy and making the most of who you come in contact with.

Ready to get your own Linkcard? Let’s go!

How to open a Linkcard account?

Opening an account is easy, like all things Linkcard.

  1. 1. Go to the registration page here
  2. 2. Register with one of the options
  3. 3. Choose your first Linkcard!

Which Linkcard plan is right for Wine producers? 

When you sign up for Linkcard you are going to be able to choose from different plans, these vary in scope and price.

Depending on your needs you can pick from Freemium basic plans to more Pro plans with extra features and more microsites.

You can also have a custom enterprise plan created tailored to your company.

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