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Job hunting with Linkcard

Job hunting with Linkcard

Create microsites for resumes, CVs, and portfolios. Imagine having all your work information in one digital home, easy to access, edit and share!

Job hunting is something all professionals have to face. Whether you are a recent graduate looking for your first position, a junior looking for better job opportunities, or recently let go and looking to get back in the game. Finding a job is a challenge we all must be ready to face, and nothing better than having the best tools at your disposal that’s where Linkcards microsites come in.

Using only one link you can share your CV, work history, portfolio, and more with potential employers, clients, and network in seconds. Our microsites are user friendly, fully editable, and give you the chance to make the best first impression possible.

What digital documents do you need to job hunt?

There are certain requirements that are standards across most industries when you are looking for work. In each job application, something might change but usually you will be required to add:

  1. 1. A resume or CV
  2. 2. A cover letter
  3. 3. A portfolio page for designers, illustrators, copywriters, etc

It can also help if you have a professional site, and this doesn’t need to be a full website.

How can a professional website help you find a job? 

Having a dedicated microsite for your professional profile can make you stand out from other candidates, giving you a unique digital home for all things employment related.

Where you host examples of your work, projects you have been a part of, contact forms and testimonials from coworkers and former employers.

You can use your professional microsite to give a more extensive look at your profile, and add personality to your profile. Plus it shows employers that you are embracing tech and digital media.

Benefits of using Linkcard microsites to find a job 

Linkcard’s microsites are incredibly easy to create, you can choose and edit one in just minutes. Not only that but they are also:

  • – Fully editable sites
  • – Can host links to other sites
  • – Add your LinkedIn Profile
  • – Build a portfolio for your work
  • – Get connected directly by email or phone
  • – Update your work profile at any time
  • – Share as many times as you want
  • – So much more!

Microsites are one of the most useful tools in digital media right now, they are simple to the point and fast. Especially when you use no-code platforms like Linkcard.

Making a personal site for job hunting with Linkcard 

Creating your professional microsite with Linkacrd will only take a few minutes!

Step 1 – Register

The first thing you need to do to create a microsite is head over to Linkcard’s registration site and sign up for an account.

You can do so with one of these 4 options:

  1. 1. Email address
  2. 2. Facebook account
  3. 3. Google account
  4. 4. Apple ID

After registration you will be signed into the site and able to choose from our templates.

Step 2 – Browse templates and customize them

Linkcard offers you dozens of templates to choose from and endless editable features!

  • – Add pictures
  • – Change backgrounds
  • – Add your social media
  • – Link to other sites
  • – Contact information

You can also change your template whenever you want.

Step 3 – Go live!

Once you have made your microsite the way you want, you can go live and start using it. Plus you can enjoy the Linkcard features like:

  1. 1. Analytics from traffic
  2. 2. Email signatures
  3. 3. Organize and manage your leads
  4. 4. PRO design tools
  5. 5. Tracking ID
  6. 6. Support
  7. 7. Much more!

Building your CV or resume with Linkcard 

You can also create a digital CV or Resume with Linkcard, it works just like any resume only its fully digital and shareable through a link.

This is a great way to share your information when you are networking and meeting with prospective clients or employers.

You have a few resume templates available on the platform that are editable and customizable. So, you can showcase your information in the best way possible.

Tips for creating a top CV 

  1. 1. Keep things simple

The best way to give information in a CV or resume is to narrow it to key points, highlighting the best and most significant things.

Start with: what makes you good at what you do? How do you prove it?

  1. 2. Use plenty of keywords

Keywords in job searching refer to those qualities and characteristics employers are looking for in candidates. Try to match jobs and add language to your CV.

  1. 3. Add hard and soft skills

Yes, where you went to school and your accomplishments are important but so is being a good listener or flexible. These skills complement each other and create a more rounded profile of a candidate.

  1. 4. Talk about your personality as well

Give employers a glimpse into who you are as a person, remember they want to know who they’ll be working with. This helps create better work environment matches.

  1. 5. Sell yourself

A lot of people have a problem with this but you need to do it. Look at your profile as you would a friend’s and sell your best qualities!

Creating your work portfolio with Linkcard microsites 

Another important asset you can build using Linkcard microsites is your portfolio. This is especially important for graphic and web designers, illustrators, copywriters, and other visual and service-based professionals.

A Linkcard portfolio will help you show your best pieces of work on one site, update it whenever you want to, and share it with anyone.

Types of portfolio 

There are different types of portfolio websites you can create according to your needs and professions.

  • – Student portfolio
  • – Graphic design portfolio
  • – Website design portfolio
  • – Copywriting portfolio
  • – More!
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