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Linkcard for Independents

Linkcard for Independents

Our client Gina Hayes works for Trademarkia, also called Legal Force, primarily deal with trademark applications. Working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, throughout the world. They work with both clients in the US and worldwide. Also, Trademarkia handles copyright and some patent cases.


Gina Hayes from Trademarkia was in need of new business cards in order to make networking and handing out her business information easier. A new way to share information requiring no contact in order to observe COVID-19 precautions.

“I was attracted to it (Linkcard) because it puts every information a client would need in their hands quickly” – Gina Hayes

Solutions provided

  1. Linkcard created her personal digital business card so she could share her complete update information quickly and digitally.
  2. She turned that same digital business card into a digital marketing tool by adding it as an email signature to her email account.
  3. She found that even if people didn’t go through the whole process, she could gather lead information and use it for more conversions.

A closer look

  1. Would you consider yourself tech-savvy?

Not very, but I found the platform easy to use and the follow-up and attention provided by the Linkacrd team to be top-notch.

  1. How did you find out about Linkcard?

I was looking for an electronic card or digital business card, and I came across the site. Then you guys reached out to me. I had a call with Roni, he was very personable and it felt good to have a human walk me through the process.

  1. What made you choose Linkcard?

I was attracted to it (Linkcard) because it puts every information a client would need right in their hands quickly.

I thought my company would enjoy it because you can attach the information held in a Linkcard directly into the body of the email.

At this point, I’m the only one in the company using Linkcard, because I’m the first to be introduced to it. I wanted to be the test case and then come into the company and say

“Look this is working for me, I had so many hits” and present it that way. 

I already have people interested within the company, they are waiting to see if corporate will cover the costs.

  1. What are you using Linkcard for?

It’s in the body of my emails [Email signature] so everyone who gets an email from me will get it, so advertising basically.

If I’m out and about I have it on my smartphone so they can scan the QR code and download my information. I haven’t been out and about because of COVID of course, but I’m looking forward to using it at conferences, especially the American Bar Asociacion event.

  1. Are there top benefits you found with Linkcard?

That I have it on my phone and on my email. I don’t have to order paper cards anymore, which I would always run out of or have to look dig down my purse when I need to hand someone my information, and maybe get a card with lipstick on it. It was just a hassle.

It’s love that it’s a clean way to deliver information, and you can choose what’s on it. I will use it everywhere. 

  1. Are there unexpected benefits you found with Linkcard?

I didn’t expect that I could get a lead, where I get a report in my email that I had so many leads from my card, so it will show me who clicked on and if that person put their phone in, that’s very beneficial. Because maybe they didn’t complete the whole process but I still can gather the lead information. In the future, that’s going to be big for me.

  1. Would you recommend Linkcard?

I would highly recommend it. 

  1. What problem do you think Linkcard solves? 

The problem of connecting with people, or providing information to get them to reach me.

Also, the lead generation now I can also follow up with people without much effort. I couldn’t do that before, if someone tried to call me and didn’t leave a detailed message I would not be able to get back to them.

Plus it makes me look a bit more fancy and prepared.

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