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What is Linkcard?

Linkcard is the most agile, effortless, and attractive way to present information about yourself, your brand, and what you can offer in an easy-to-share format.
You can make your own digital business cards, email signatures, microsites for different purposes, and more digital branding assets. All while collecting data analytics you can use to improve your marketing actions and more in one easy-to-use platform!

What can I do with Linkcard?

You can use Linkcard to create all your digital connectivity assets, here are a few of the things you can build and publish using Linkcard:
  • Digital Business Cards 
  • Email Signatures 
  • Link-in-Bio 
  • Email Banners 
  • Microsites for different purposes 
  • Digital CV’s
  • Portfolios 
  • Newsletters 
  • So much more!

Who is Linkcard for?

Linkcard is for those who want to elevate the delivery of their message, brand identity, and communications. It’s made for those with something to say who are looking to grow, and control, their own platforms. A great ally for digital professionals, sales reps, new brands, influencers, and more! 
If you need to create a digital asset to connect and communicate with others, then Linkcard is for you!

Why do I need a Linkcard?

Linkcard is a major digital tool to have in your arsenal. With it, you can create your own communication resources, manage aspects of your personal and brand marketing, take control over your networking, and elevate your growth efforts.

How is Linkcard different from Linktree?

Linkcard is frequently referred to as the B2B brother of Linktree that’s mostly used by B2C users.
Linkcard has a lot more uses and benefits than Linktree. The one thing they have in common is the creation of link-in-bios.
Outside of that, you can use Linkcard for additional connectivity purposes, networking, data gathering, analytics, multiple use cases, and a lot more!

Do I need a domain and hosting?

No, that’s one of the biggest advantages of using Linkcard. We handle the domain and hosting. In case you have a domain, we offer the option to connect it.

How do I use Linkcard?

Linkcard is super easy to use, we’ve made a friendly platform that allows you to breeze through the whole process. 
Once you sign up, you can create your Linkcard using one of our professionally designed templates for your desired purpose. You can personalize it to make it your own, and even create your own templates for future use.

What is a Digital Business Card?

Digital Business Cards are the online evolution of paper business cards. 
These electronic cards allow you to have all your contact information in one place, plus website links, social media profiles, links to allow meeting requests, collect data from visitors, study analytics, update them whenever you need to, and never run out of cards! 
Plus they are more eco-friendly, what’s not to love? 

How do Email Signatures work?

Email signatures replace your traditional email signature with a more elevated, digital signature that can be updated, and changed whenever you need it. You can also add website links, images, logos, and more to them!
They can also be made in bulk to create a uniform company look, and you can build your own company Linkcard plan for this.  
Billions of emails are sent daily and email marketing is one of the strongest business funnels you have. So, making your emails stand out can be a total game-changer for your networking efforts using email banner marketing.

Can I use Linkcard as a website?

Yes, you can use Linkcard to build and publish microsites for many purposes. You can start with one of our templates that cover anything from digital CVs to menus, stores, product launches, and professional portfolios that can be connected to your domain.

Can I create my own designs and templates?

Yes, the Linkcard platform allows you not only to personalize our templates but also to create your own and save them so you can reuse them whenever you want. Your designs can then be saved and applied to future needs saving you time and effort.

Is my data safe on Linkcard?

Yes, Linkcard follows data security protocols to ensure your information is safe and guarded.