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Linkcard for Email signature marketing

Email signature marketing

After you’ve designed and created your Digital Business Card or other templates you can turn them into an email signature with a simple process. This can become one of the most important tools in marketing at your disposal. Create leads, generate conversion, and more by elevating your emails with Linkcard.

What is Email signature marketing?

Just like the term would suggest, email signature marketing is the strategy of using your send-off signature at the bottom of your emails as an opportunity for marketing. Meaning adding a link to a company video, a sales meeting scheduler, an active promo, product campaigns, or one other CTA’s.

The traditional email signature is comprised of just name, job title, and company, but there’s space for so much more. You could be inviting people to your social media profiles, to watch your videos, and to connect immediately. Making email signatures a bigger component of your branding, for awareness, sales, and general strategy will give you an extra opportunity to catch someone’s attention.

Why did we add this marketing feature to Linkcard?

The sheer volume of emails sent on a daily basis makes it an amazing tool for making a great impression on clients, spreading branding and marketing messages. In our digital age emailing is one of the leading forms of business liaison and networking, especially now that face to face meeting is more limited.

Using one of Linkcard email signatures templates allows you to expand the type of information you can have on your emails. Adding things like social media, website links, and other promotional items. All of these features are simple, easy to add, and get you more brand awareness in every email you send.

Use Linkcard Email signature marketing for

  1. Get more people to follow your social media profiles.
  2. Generate more traffic to your main site.
  3. Personalize your emails with a photo and logo, to stay top of mind and build brand awareness.
  4. Keep clients, partners, and coworkers updated with important details.
  5. Share company news.
  6. Get subscribers for newsletters.
  7. Add data or slogans like “the number one brand in its industry”
  8. Pay attention to the traffic data resulting from it to make the best changes in strategy or design.
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