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Microsites: A great digital tool for medical product distribution

A great digital tool for medical product distribution

These small websites have immense potential to help medical distributors sell your product!

Medical distribution requires you to cover a lot of ground in an organized and strategic way, getting the right products to the right partners and making sure the information is shown the way you need it to be. One of the best digital tools to help you achieve this are microsites. These small websites have immense potential to help you sell your product and communicate your message the right way.

What are microsites and their benefits?

Microsites are one-page websites, smaller than regular websites that offer fast performance, and other unique benefits.

  1. Build microsites in minutes with Linkcard
  2. Create personalized sites starting with templates
  3. No need to get designers or developers
  4. Create multiple sites for each product
  5. Easy to manage and update

Why are microsites good for medical distributors?

Microsites offer medical distributors multiple opportunities to show, sell and promote products in a cheaper format that is still innovative and digital. Plus, if you choose to create yours with Linkcard you can add multiple design and marketing features to your microsites.

Personalized business cards 

One of our most popular microsites is the business card template. This is especially useful for medical distributors that need to hand out their business information in each meeting, at conferences or when encountering a possible lead.

What can you do with our business cards?

  1. Holds all your contact information and updates easily
  2. Add product lists and company portfolio
  3. Link to your website, social media, and email
  4. Use our integration with calendar apps so clients can book demos on your card
  5. Never print or run out of cards again!

Want to see an example here

Make every email a marketing opportunity 

After you create a microsite with Linkcard you can turn that into your email signature. Every day more than 200 billion business emails are sent. Now imagine that every email you send is an extra opportunity to get your marketing messaging out to leads and contacts.

Use email marketing to show new products, promote special deals or share your website, each exchange becomes more complete with Linkcards email marketing tools.

A perfect branding opportunity 

Microsites are a great way to solidify your branding image. Making sure each employee has the same information design and style, apply your design guidelines to all microsites, and build the brand look and feel you want to have. You can create a unified image and message through business cards, microsites for product portfolios, email marketing, and more!

Create product pages for doctors  

One of the top advantages of using microsites is that you can easily create one for every product on your portfolio, giving each one a chance to shine!

This allows you to share information on individual products with specific clients, giving you an advantage in answering their needs and turning leads into business.

Want to see what those products sites can look like check these out: BrasmédicaMedioStar and SkinMedical

Add them to your social media as a Link in Bio 

Microsites are a great option for creating useful and organized links in bio pages. Here’s the thing: social media profiles only allow you to showcase one link at any time, and most companies usually choose to have their homepage but what if you could show more?

Use Linkcard link in bio to connect your social media to:

  • Your homepage
  • Your product portfolio
  • Your promotions and sales
  • Your sales email and meetings
  • Your other social media profiles

Want to see an example here

Offer microsites to your clients as part of your product bundle

Adding microsites for product promotion as part of your sales bundle makes you stand out amongst other medical distributors and gives you an unique selling advantage. You can help doctors and medical centers better sell their services and take advantage of your products with microsites.

Create microsites like this one here to showcase what your clients can do and how they use your medical equipment, this is a win-win strategy for sales and great business partnerships.

Expand your digital marketing tools 

Microsites at their core are one of the best digital marketing tools you can use to expand your branding and sales strategies. They give you more digital means and outlets for information, they are easy to build, manage and update, and most importantly less costly than other options.

They can host the type of content that gets you better leads, can convince people to choose your product or provide that extra reason for medical partners to go with your company.

How to use Linkcard for medical distributors?

Linkcard is one of the top no-code microsite building platforms, where you can create microsites starting from templates in minutes and take advantage of unique features to drive your business higher.

Using Linkcard as a microsite builder is easy:

  1. Register here
  2. Pick a plan
  3. Build a microsite!
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