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Linkcard for Healthcare

Linkcard for Healthcare

Linkcard has created a new COVID-19 digital vaccine template to give you even more options and choices, making your life easier one microsite at a time. Discover what our latest mobile site is all about and how you can use it for.

What is the COVID-19 vaccine template?

Linkcard’s Covid-19 digital vaccine template works as a smart, fully digital, and safe way to store your vaccine registration.

The template was created by our designer team and is easy to fill out, responsible plus it stores itself as its own section on your smartphone dashboard. Making it easier to prove your COVID-19 vaccination status if you are asked.

Why we created the template?

COVID-19 changed the world, it changed the way we do social interactions, health policy, and safety requirements. One of the most effective solutions that have allowed us to return to normalcy has been vaccination. Being vaccinated can literally open doors and make life easier.

In order to prove immunization to the virus however you need to show your COVID-19 vaccine card, we decided to make that digital and safer. You can now store your covid vaccination card in your phone, have it with you at all times. That way you can still get the same benefits and keep your card safe.

We created this COVID-19 vaccine template to solve those 3 major problems:

  1. How do I keep my COVID-19 vaccine card?
  2. Is there a digital format for the COVID-19 vaccine card?
  3. What to do if I lose my COVID-19 vaccine card?

Use Linkcard COVID-19 digital vaccine template for…

  1. Storing a digital copy of your vaccination registry card.
  2. Showing at events that require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry without taking out your card.
  3. Traveling abroad, you will still need to take the original vaccination card but this saves time and risks of losing it.
  4. Share it on email for event attending, etc.

Check out the demo here

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