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Linkcard for Small business

Linkcard for Small business

What are business mobile sites and microsites? Linkcard was founded under as a no-code, mobile-first microsite builder, what does all that mean.


If you choose Linkcard to build your business mobile sites you are not going to be dealing with developers or even designers. You can do it all on your own, with easy drag and drop features. That lets you place elements where you want them. The platform provides a professionally designed template, and all the tools you need to go live quickly.

Mobile-first builder 

This is the concept of website building that focuses on mobile UX. Why? Because more than half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. It’s where people search, shop, and browse so the mobile experience is more important than ever before.


Small sites, that can be created in minutes with all the features of regular sites. Create an online store, showcase products, and services, digital business cards, promote events, send newsletters and so much more!

Why are Linkcard business mobile sites the best option for you?

Thanks to the capabilities of the platform, the work of our developers and designer. You get a full-functioning website for your business at a lower cost and faster than ever. Plus, you can use our templates for multiple purposes and active different types of marketing strategies by using Linkcard.

Use Linkcard mobile sites for:

  1. Have a mobile site ready to go in minutes
  2. Create an online store
  3. Save cost on website building
  4. Personalize your websites as you want
  5. Get real data traffic from your sites
  6. Send brand newsletters
  7. Create digital business cards for your workforce
  8. Create websites for all your products
  9. Active a signature email marketing strategy

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