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How can startups use microsites to improve marketing strategies?

How to improve marketing strategies?

Microsites offer startups a deep well of digital marketing possibilities.

Websites are one of the most essential tools for marketing, they are your digital representation and an important factor in getting leads and sales. Startups in particular need to be digital and able to adapt content into a website format quickly. What if you could create amazing websites in just minutes for every one of your needs? Well, you can with Linkcard’s, discover the microsite marketing possibilites!

The startup scene is becoming more competitive by the minute with new ideas surging constantly, so being fast is going to be a key factor in your company making it beyond the initial phase.

Microsites offer startups a deep well of digital marketing possibilities from spreading your message to boosting campaigns, even lead management and networking.

The best part of it all is you don’t need to hire designers and developers, not if you use no-code platforms like Linkcard. This means cutting cost, and time.

What else can microsites do for your startup? Let’s take a look

Create amazing first impressions 

Microsites are a great way to introduce your company to the world. If you are building your startup alone or with a small team this can be one of the best digital marketing tools for you.

Using Linkcard you can create all your websites in minutes with professionally designed templates. Why does that matter? Because 94% of the first impression clients have of you is through your website design. So, you need it to look great, Linkcard can do that! 

Thanks to microsites, you can create your first website and make it look top of the line without spending thousands or hiring anyone.

Start using signature marketing

Using email signature marketing can take your everyday emails to the next level, providing graphic and marketing support for all the messages you send.

More than 20% of marketing professionals say design has improved their engagement on email campaigns.

Let’s not forget that email marketing is the top of return on investment in marketing strategies for small businesses, and your startup is going to have to get in the game sooner rather than later.

Make each email a branding and marketing opportunity with an email signature and build them for free with your Linkacrd microsite.

Never miss another marketing opportunity

Another advantage of microsites is that everything can become a branding and digital marketing opportunity.

You can turn events and launches into microsites with their own SEO, and traffic pull. This means more possibilities for bringing your target closer to your brand.

It also gives you the freedom to experiment with messaging, copy alternatives, and designs. It can work as an A/B testing platform so you can figure out what your target wants to see from you.

Become mobile first with Linkcard 

A big part of what makes Linkcard microsites a good asset for startups and their digital marketing strategies is that we follow a mobile-first design.

That means we create our sites to provide the best user experience for mobile users. Because more and more users are searching, discovering, and buying through mobile this is the format to consider first. Don’t worry it’s going to look great on the desktop too.

64% of marketing teams believe mobile optimization is an effective investment, and you’ll be doing this from the beginning if you make your microsites with Linkcard.

It’s a simple marketing strategy really, be where your clients are and in the best possible way.

Hyper-focused microsite marketing

Have you ever needed to create a website for a particular event, launch or update and been met with resistance from your developers or your team, and doubt about where that fits in your main page? I the answer is yes, then let us introduce you to the solution, microsites.

You don’t need to fit it all into your main page, extend content or create full sites for small but important announcements or products.

Using microsites you can give each need a digital home that works exclusively for that goal, using beautiful templates and building a uniquely focused site.

This means your events have their own landing page, your product launches have a home with space for all the information and more.

Opening the possibilities with your marketing strategies and actions, as each one can exist on its own and be fully fleshed out.

No designers, no developers, no problem!

Last but certainly not least, all Linkcard microsites were created by designers and developers so you don’t need either.

You can build, personalize, edit and manage these microsites however you want. A less expensive, not as time-consuming, and more open option to the traditional website path.

The perfect tool for startups that mind their resources, have clear needs and ideas, and believe in the innovation of no-code tools.

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