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How digital business cards can change the way you connect to clients

How digital BC can change the way you connect to clients

Technology has reinvented everything from the way we order food to how we get information and especially how we connect.

Networking and sharing information with clients or partners is one of the most vital business skills, and it too has been affected by tech. So, the question is why would you keep using old tools when there is a better option available.

We are talking about digital business cards, this new and here to stay trend for business. Instead of having to print business cards, you can take your information everywhere on your phone, just like you do everything else. Traditional calling cards are a thing of the past and we’ll show you why in this blog.

What is the difference between traditional cards and digital cards?

The main difference between traditional business cards and their digital counterparts is the format. One is paper printed and the other is digital. However, that lone difference creates a huge gap in advantages, uses, and all in favor of digital business cards!

Printed business cards are a thing of the past while the digital alternative is bringing that same concept into this technological age. A better, more innovative way to present information that can also expand to connect with other tech tools.

Why should you choose to go digital with your business cards?

Saying goodbye to printing your business card and hello to digital will make your life easier, and give you a boost in your networking efforts. If you are considering getting new business cards then this is the only way to go.

More connectivity

Having a digital business card allows you to fill that card with more than just your name, title, and number. When you go digital you can connect your business card information directly to your homepage, let people book meetings, add a WhatsApp chat, and more!

You could have your picture, a promo video, gallery of products or services you offer. For example, if you are a real estate agent you could showcase properties with just a link. This isn’t just a plain introduction card, it is a whole micro-site at your disposal to make the most of.

Plus they’re COVID-19 safe

Digital business cards are contactless, safer, and more compliant with COVID-19 safety measures. Also, they don’t get dirty or damaged.

Update whenever you want

One of the biggest advantages of choosing to go with smart business cards is that you can update the information whenever you want. No need to print business cards every time something changes in your professional life.

Add amazing lead generation features

We’ve been talking about the benefits of this tool but not all electronic business cards are built the same. Some stick to the basics offering a card for information, while others like Linkcard are a tool for digital marketing as well.

When you choose your business card template from Linkcard you also get amazing lead-generating features.

  1. Lead booster: this allows you to collect all the lead information from people who click on your card.
  2. Data tracking: get real traffic information, see who clicks where and figure out what information and layout works best.
  3. Never run out of cards
  4. Add a calendar link so people can easily book meetings with you.
  5. Activate your email signature

Email marketing opportunities with Linkcard

Emails are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to any professional and Linkcard can help you use them to reach your business goals. When you create your digital business card with Linkcard you get the added benefit of being able to generate an email signature.

This signature can be added to your emails as a marketing strategy. You can display traditional information and special promotional messages, or link to other sites, social media profiles, etc.

Imagine a marketing message with every email, sounds like a great distribution channel, doesn’t it.

Connect with social media

Because your new business cards will be digital, you can connect your social media profiles to them. Giving people a chance to see more of your work and gain followers for your brand. Social media is also a major player in the marketing success of your business.

Personalize to fit your brand

If you choose Linkcards free digital business cards template you can still make it your own with a few clicks. We created a drag and drop tool so you can make each business card your own. Add the features to prefer, the information you need and the links to boost your business. Linkcard gives you the tech foundation and the design material, you put it together!

Make the best first impression

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. You’re probably practiced your elevator pitch a thousand times and now you will have the best tool to back all of that up. No messy printed business card, no googling for the homepage. Let people find all of your important information on your digital business card. The one-stop introduction tool you’ve been waiting for.

Get your digital business cards today

You can try out a free digital business card template by registering at our site and building your ideas card, no strings attached!

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