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Why isn’t a full-blown website always necessary?

Why isn’t a full-blown website always necessary?

This is an important question all businesses must ask themselves before embarking on their digital journeys.

There are over 1.14 billion websites in the world right now and you are about to add one more to the count, but how should your website be designed? This is an important question all businesses must ask themselves before embarking on their digital journeys. Because now you have options, a great variety of them including using no-code tools instead of developers. So, when is the right choice to go with innovative tools over a traditional full website? Let Linkcard show you.

Why do you need a web presence?

There’s a reason there are so many websites, in this day and age you need to have a digital home for your business, portfolio, and store. A website address where your customers can reach you and your products.

Websites allow businesses to expand their reach and create more opportunities for brand awareness, lead generation, and marketing.

So, you need to have a digital presence but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need or want to have the same type of website as everyone else. Ideally, what you want is a website that fits your needs and looks great.

Why isn’t a traditional website always necessary?

Traditional websites are a good alternative at times but they are not always the best answer to your website needs.

Because these websites are built the traditional way, meaning using developers or complicated platforms they can hinder businesses that want to go online fast and simply.

They can be expensive 

Developers and designers can cost your business a pretty penny, having a website created from scratch can be in the thousands.

Most traditional websites have a high price tag and can take a huge part of your budget to complete, remember you will have to hire at least three roles or services from an agency to build a website.

  1. 1. Website developers
  2. 2. Website designer
  3. 3. Copywriter

If you want a complex website with huge content features and special functions, then hiring a team is the best choice. However, if you want a great-looking website that works fast and you can manage yourself then there are other options for you.

They can take a long time to build 

Traditional websites are a time-consuming process because you will not have full control of the creation you will get through several rounds of editing and fixes.

Add to this that developers can be stalled by bugs in the code and designers will need time to fit your changes in between other projects. Hubspot estimates a full website built can take more than 6 months.

If you want to complete your digital goals quickly, then you need to consider if you are willing to wait up to 6 months to be ready.

They can be hard to manage and update

One of the most inconvenient sides of getting a traditional website can be the maintenance and updates.

Some websites need to be managed by developers and updated by them too, which means you need to ask someone else to make every change you need for your website, resulting in more time and money spent.

Keep in mind that even small details like changing a photo can be really difficult on some website platforms.

What are microsites?

Microsites are single-page websites that are responsive, easy to create, and fast, like the name implies they are a micro version of a traditional website but that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch.

These smaller websites can host all the information you need in a visually attractive package with all the functionalities of traditional websites plus features like data tracking, traffic analysis, and more.

Linkcard created a platform for no-code microsite building because we saw the opportunity to expand on a huge potential tool for independent businesses, contractors, freelancers, and influences.

When are microsites the alternative for you? 

Microsites are the perfect alternative for businesses that have pressing digital needs, want to launch websites quickly, and need a home for their online information.

You want to save money

Linkcard offers different pricing plans starting with our Fremium account, and going up to bespoke plans for enterprises that allow the creation of hundreds of websites.

The bottom line here is you don’t need to hire developers or designers, you choose from professionally designed templates, personalize and create microsites in minutes, saving thousands in website costs.

You want to create fast 

Using a no-code microsite builder is the fastest way to build your website, no hours of fixing bugs, just choose and fill in information how you want and launch.

You can create a fully functioning mobile site in just minutes from your Linkcard dashboard.

You want to manage them yourself 

If you are an independent contractor, designer, or business you are going to want the freedom to edit your website whenever and however you want to, microsites can give you that power.

Log into your dashboard and add, edit, delete or change photos, text, and features however you see fit, no need to wait on others or call someone else to do it.

Have full control of your website at any time.

You need more than one website 

This is one of the best characteristics of microsites, especially Linkcard’s, you can create and manage more than one at a time.

Use microsites for event launches, premieres, newsletters, a  microsite for each product, or even offer them as a gift to your clients.

You are an independent business 

Stop relying on other agencies, developers, or contractors for your digital needs. Use microsites to become the full owner of your sites and manage them on your own terms.

Why is Linkcard the best choice for you?

Linkcard’s easy-to-use dashboard allows you to create professional-looking microsites in minutes to track data and use its features to meet KPIs and marketing goals.

Mobile first microsites 

Mobile devices dominate internet traffic and shaving a site that looks good and works well on mobile is key.

Linkcard microsites are mobile-first and ready to impress your visitors. This design and functionality style can set you apart from your competitors and give your users an overall better experience.

Multiple professional templates 

You can create a Linkcard microsite for all your digital needs from product pages, to design portfolios and online stores.

Use your microsites as a Link in Bio for your social media, add an email signature from your website, and more.

Linkcard has multiple professionally designed website templates for you to choose from, make your own, and use.

Easy to use and manage 

Edit, change, add and delete anything from your Linkcard sites whenever you want, in seconds with no hassle and no waiting.

Your dashboard allows you to edit with easy, drag-and-drop features to add text blocks, images, social media icons, and more in just a few clicks.

Plans for every need 

Build a microsite for free with our Fremium plan or add more Linkcard sites for every need to have, you can even reach out to create your own plan for enterprise solutions.

Create and publish in minutes 

Build the website you need as quickly as you want with a simple 3-step process

  1. 1.Register at Linkcard 
  2. 2.Pick and edit your template
  3. 3.Go live!

Update, change, and delete whenever you want plus check your own traffic data and more.

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