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How to build the best no-code mobile site for designers?

How to build the best no-code mobile site for designers?

In the world of Googling and reviews, there’s no way to make it out without a good website, especially if you are a designer.

No matter what kind of design you do from fashion to garden design, you will want to have a site up and running as fast as possible, to start drawing in clients and growing your business. Also, not everyone is familiar with developers, can afford custom sites, or is a fan of coding, so we are giving you a closer look at the best no-code mobile site for designers.

Before we get to the building part, let’s address the two of the main reason why you are here.

Why do I (a talented designer) need a website?

Almost all professionals do actually, but there is a particularly important reason why designers need websites, and it’s because your work is shown visually!

Having a medium that allows people to see your work in images and instantly is the best way to get business. Think about it, you meet the big shot creative director of an agency at a coffee shop and strike up a conversation, wouldn’t you love to get to show your work right then and there, like the best business card in the world. That’s what a great website can do for your career or your business.

Why are mobile sites so important?

Chances are you are on your phone reading this piece, right?

Apologies if you are more of a desktop or laptop person but research shows that most people, but recent data from Google revealed that mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, generated 54.8 % of global website traffic, meaning more than half of all searches came from a mobile device. Going mobile assures you that the audience you are going after sees you, that they get a good user experience on your site, which you can convert into business opportunities later.

Mobile is so big now that the master of all search engines Google has made it a priority going forward, so be there or be square…right out of search results.

Now that you know why let’s get to how you can build a great website to show your designs.

Set objectives

Before you do anything else you’ll need to figure out what you want this site to do for you and your business or career. Is this your introduction to new clients, do you want to generate leads, maybe set up a store, what is the main goal?

Having answered this question will let you organize, pick a template, choose colors, pieces from your portfolio, etc. Objectives will determine how you create the content of your website and what features you need your no-code website builder to have.

So, to get your objectives realized, you need to know them before getting started so you can create a mobile site with a goal-oriented design.

Jump into SEO

Sorry to say but just having your mobile site up is not going to cut it, it’s a great first step, you’ll also need to do SEO work to get where you want to be. Appearing in the searches of people looking for designers online, you will need to step up your SEO game.

What is SEO? The letters stand for search engine optimization and it refers to the work done by the people behind websites in order to rank higher in searches that interest their target. Here’s an example: if you are a freelance graphic designer, you will want to appear in that Google search, having good SEO makes that happen. It lets your site and work be seen by your target audience easier.

There are quite a few rules for improving SEO on your website, for beginner’s sake we are going to focus on the two core SEO principles that will help you get started with a great mobile site. If you want more SEO tips and tricks click here.

Create valuable content

Content is the ruler of SEO, valuable, searchable content is going to be one of the big determining factors in your site ranking high or low in searches. Once a person searches a term, the site with the most similar content to the search will pop up. Meaning that the more content you create around the searches where you want to appear the better your chances. If you start making useful, interesting, and original content for your site, your chances to rank higher improve.

Do your keyword research

Keywords are the second factor to keep front of mind when building the SEO foundations of your website. What are keywords? They are the terms of search that you want to be a match, for example, if you want to work in the US you should use the keywords: US website designer, designers in the US, talented American designers, and similar. Remember the more you research your keywords the more specific you can be, and you can improve your chances. To get started here become familiar with keyword research tools and the terms that fit your objectives the best.


Pick the right no-code tools

One of the best no-code mobile site builders is Linkcard, simple to use, with great designer-created templates, tons of great features for your website, and different pricing plans for you to choose from.

If you are a fan of friendly no-code creation this is the choice for you, have your site done in minutes using click and drag, personalize everything from color to font and add-ons.

Not only can you create a great mobile site you can also make amazing digital business cards, online stores, portfolios holders, and more. Explore your website options until you find the right fit.

Edit yourself

To have a great mobile site you will have to practice the art of self-editing, choosing the pieces from your design portfolio that work best for your objectives. There isn’t space for everything so editing will be your friend. Make sure the pieces, services, or design products that you offer are attractive, stay true to your style and stand out.

Show your personality

This is going to be key to selling your design work, you will need to create a brand or tone, details that speak about you, what makes you and your work unique, something people can relate to you with. It can be anything from your heritage, your inspirations or where you work from, find a few points you want to highlight and show them throughout your site.

Show your face

Include a picture of yourself, these will make visitors connect more closely with you, increasing trust and the chance they will buy o use your services.

3 Tips for good website pictures:

  1. Mind the lighting, make sure you can be seen
  2. Be professional
  3. Show your personality (if you want)but be aware of your audience
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