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5 ways to make your business more sustainable with digital marketing

5 ways to make your business more sustainable

The global climate crisis has made it important for all of us to assume more conscious practices, and businesses are no exception to this new way of being.

But not only is it good for the environment and our conscience, it’s also great for business.

Having the labels sustainable or eco-friendly has become an important statement for businesses to make. One that can create more revenues and branding opportunities. It can make customers more likely to shop with you, and more partners want to collaborate. Just because you share the same environmental values. So, now you know all the good things that come from having a sustainable business, and want yours to go green but don’t know where to start. Linkcard is here to help!

Why does being sustainable matter from a business standpoint?

There are tons of reasons for going green from making an impact on your community to saving costs on bills. If you are looking at making your business more sustainable it just makes sense from every angle.

  1. Appealing to customers, a study revealed 81% of consumers prefer to buy from more sustainable businesses. That’s a huge market advantage to have, isn’t it?
  2. You will save money on bills, whether it’s electric, printing bills, or else.
  3. It will make getting government certifications easier, you will be getting ahead of the curve in environmental legislation.
  4. Having the status of sustainable or eco-friendly elevates your brand.
  5. It will make you feel more at ease with the way you do business
  6. Most digital marketing alternatives are just simpler to handle and you can do it yourself, like Linkcard.

There are plenty more detailed reasons to ditch the waste and turn green. This is why we want to make it easy for you to do it. You can start today and never look back!

5 Ways to make your business more sustainable with digital marketing

Just as there are many reasons to become more environmentally friendly there are many ways to achieve that goal. We will focus on the ones that have to do with our area of expertise: Digital Marketing. Showing you more than one option to try on your business and giving you the tools to do so right now.

Digital Business Cards

Say goodbye to old paper business cards. Not only are these outdated in presentation they are also not the best choice in COVID times. The traditional business card is a lot of paper, printing, and money that goes to the trash the moment you change a single piece of information on it. You can’t alter or update them, and you have to remember to bring them wherever you go. Not the most impressive tool out there. So, what can you do?

Say hello to digital business cards. Easy to create, personalized, digital, and designed by professionals. With contactless business cards you can expand the reach of your networking abilities, and so much more:

  1. Update whenever you want
  2. Add pictures and video
  3. Link to your website or online store
  4. Add your social media links
  5. Create a powerful marketing tool with the email signature feature from Linkcard
  6. Save money and paper on printing
  7. Make a great first impression
  8. Keep data of people who read and visit them
  9. Generate more leads
  10. Never run out of cards and share them safely

Safe and virtual menus

We all saw the rise in these types of menus with the consequences of last year’s pandemic, and we have to say digital menus are here to stay!

You can create a beautiful site that holds your menu and prices quickly. Plus you can add to it links to your restaurant’s social media, where people can place reviews, pictures of the food and so much more. Linkcard also has a quick QR-generating feature for you to take advantage of, print this image instead of a whole menu. Enjoy the advantages of this digital marketing tool and make your business more sustainable at the same time.

Support local markets and vendors

Another great way to be more sustainable is to create more alliances with local markets and vendors. Working with nearby suppliers reduces the C02 emissions your business is responsible for and it betters your community overall.

Join with local businesses through a simple digital search of what’s around you and then create a marketing strategy to advertise your collaboration together, use social media and emails marketing to spread the news around.

Promote using mobile sites

One of the most wasteful and environmentally hazardous practices in business is promotion. Mainly because of the material used to do so paper flyers, pamphlets, tote bag gifts, trinkets, etc. All things that end up adding more unnecessary waste to our planet, we suggest you rethink promotion and start using micro-sites.

Instead of putting all your promotional information on a piece of paper that will get lost somewhere, get all your promo on a mobile site, add links, discounts, and any features you like to make it your most powerful promotion tool. You can create a site in minutes, using templates designed by experts and made custom by you in a few clicks.

The best part is you can use and reuse as many times as you have promotions. Buy it once, repurpose it forever.

Choose e-commerce

Make your business more sustainable and available when you choose to use eCommerce. Save on renting space for retail, keep your flexibility and sell more. Creating your store space online puts you closer to a bigger market and has many other benefits. You can have a site up and live in a few clicks, with less carbon footprint and big results.

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