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5 ways to generate real estate leads with digital marketing tools

5 ways to generate real estate leads

Being a good real estate agent or managing an agency has gotten more complicated as the market has advanced.

With increasing participants, competition, and channels to master in order to reach your buyers. Staying updated in the different ways to generate real estate leads has become a full-time task, on top of everything else you need to be doing.

The real estate market is one of the most competitive and action-packed out there, with no signs of stopping. A recent study estimates that the real estate market will reach an $8,6 trillion value by 2026, that’s in less than 5 years. So, it’s no wonder you need to bring your A-game to get the most out of this profession.

One of the best strategies that can provide a quick and easy-to-manage lead generation source is using digital marketing well. We don’t mean big corporate agency fees type of thing, this is do-it-yourself digital marketing for real estate. You just need yourself, treated methods, solid apps, and a little time. Let’s look at some options.

Create and send newsletters

A newsletter is one of the best ways to generate real estate leads because they help you keep your contacts updated on the properties you have for sale. No need to make intricate sent lists or email marketing sequences. This is an option that works for those that want to market a bigger catalog of properties, are working in collaboration with other real estate agents, and real estate agency owners.

How to create your own real estate newsletter

  1. Star with an easy digital newsletter template
  2. Organize your properties, add all the information clients will need
  3. Connect your newsletter to an email
  4. Create a contact list to send the newsletter to
  5. Promote the newsletter amongst your network
  6. Set a schedule for sending
  7. Update your newsletter with new information according to schedule

Benefits of creating your own real estate newsletter

  1. They hold a lot of information in one place
  2. They can be updated constantly
  3. It helps clients keep you top of mind
  4. Raises awareness for your brand
  5. Is a great communication tool
  6. Passive, automated lead generation

Boost your social media posting

Social media channels are some of the most powerful communication tools you have at your disposal. You can reach thousands of people in just a second after porting a picture or link, so it makes them a must-have in your arsenal of ways to create real estate leads.

Key points for using social media for real estate leads?

  1. They are highly visual and so is real estate, so quality images are the highest driver of engagement and success.
  2. You can recycle content you are using in other places, for example: promote your newsletter or share a property link. Add a different caption, change up a few things and make the most of what you have.
  3. Use geolocation tags to create a presence in specific places.
  4. Create posts in advance and use scheduling apps to make posting easier.
  5. Add your social media profiles to your site for extra exposure.
  6. Younger buyers will expect to see this type of content, you could be missing out on a whole market of buyers if you shy away from social media.

Use digital business cards for networking

In the post covid world you need to find contactless alternatives to old paper business cards. More than just offering a risk-free information sharing option it gives you so many business benefits and more than plenty of ways to generate real estate leads.

How do digital business cards help generate leads?

  1. Share information digitally
  2. Contacts you meet can instantly save your information
  3. Digital business cards can collect lead data and provide insights
  4. Add links to your website, newsletter, or social media directly to your card
  5. Make a great first impression
  6. Highlight a property opportunity directly on your business cards

Why are digital business cards are the best option for real estate agents?

  1. Free templates, easy to create and personalize
  2. Less overall cost than paper formats
  3. Business cards can be updated without adding costs to your business
  4. You can link to your other sites from it
  5. Get real traffic and interest data from clicks and visitors
  6. Share with one click, never run out of them

Want a digital business card? Get yours here!

Take advantage of email signature marketing

One of the ways to generate real estate leads with digital business cards is through email signatures. If you use Linkcard to create your digital business cards you can easily turn them into email signatures that can then turn into a powerful digital marketing tool.

Imagine using every email you send for passively promoting properties, networking, with clients and reaching your goals. You can add links to your latest property showing, promote a location, etc. All you have to do is create your digital business cards and activate email signature marketing options. To discover what else you can get from our Linkcard guide to email signature marketing.

Improve your mobile site

Mobile is where its at, as more people use their mobile devices to search and buy online. At this point, at least half of all searches come from mobile devices and Google just made mobile user experience a top priority for search ranking. That’s why you need to consider improving your mobile site experience.

You can work on what you already have or explore mobile-first options like Linkcard. You can use one of our templates to create one-page sites in minutes, with the design, speed, and mobile design to make you get noticed.

Create a site for each property

Another thing you can do with Linkcard to boost your ways to generate real estate leads is creating sites for each property. That’s right give every property a site of its own, with all necessary information and no need to share the attention. Share specific properties with each client and get atrffic insight on all your active markets.

Become a video star

Video is the start of content online, so to get your message and properties the attention you want to sell, you need to get comfortable with video. You don’t have to be in it, although it helps but you do need to shoot it.

Here are some video content ideas:

  1. Video tours of the home
  2. Tours of the neighborhoods properties are in
  3. Introduction of yourself and your team
  4. Content like: tips for buying a home from a realtor, why you need a realtor, etc
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