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How to use guerrilla marketing with Linkcard’s mobile-first sites?

How to use guerrilla marketing with Linkcard

The markets are getting more competitive each year, with new business products, ideas, and players entering at a quicker pace.

Having your target audience’s attention can be a real challenge so why not learn how to use guerrilla marketing to your advantage, and with one of the best digital marketing tools out there: Linkcard’s one-page sites. We’ll show you how.

The point of any marketing effort is to get yourself or your brand noticed, getting eyes on your products or services, building up interest and potential buyers. There are many ways to do marketing from conventional ads to guerrilla marketing, this last one adds its own flavor of rebellion and can pay off in a big way for you.

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing comes from the military term ‘guerrilla warfare’ which refers to a non-tactical force, with fewer constraints and organization, that uses non-traditional methods to fight a larger more coordinated army. Think of David versus Goliath but tactical.

That’s why at its core guerrilla marketing is great for smaller businesses, even though big companies have used it as well. The concept of it all is a small budget, less work, bigger results. Small businesses also have the advantage of experiencing less backlash in case things go wrong with their guerrilla marketing campaign, whereas big-name brands should be careful how much they risk in these types of actions.

In summary, guerrilla marketing is small budget actions that are attention-grabbing, ingenious, and stick in people’s minds. Does that sound like something you want to use for your business? Yes, then keep reading…

How to use guerrilla marketing properly and create a good campaign?

If you want to know how to use guerrilla marketing the right way then you need to focus on insight, meaning something you see your target do you that can use to your advantage, or using some characteristic your product has that can be highlighted for the purposes of this type of marketing. Find something that makes you stand out or can be used to make a small, disruptive, and effective action.

To create a good guerrilla marketing campaign you will need:

  1. A solid insight, that standout quality that will make your campaign grab its audience’s attention.
  2. A great tool for distribution, like one-page sites, sculptures, performances.
  3. A campaign plan, know your timing and channels of distribution beforehand.
  4. A good design, people are increasingly visual so design matters a lot.
  5. A creative copy, stay in people’s mind with a good line or slogan.

Here are some of the types of guerrilla marketing you can use for creating a campaign:

  1. Outdoor guerrilla marketing, think billboards, and open space advertising.
  2. Indoor guerilla marketing, think mall advertising, posters, etc.
  3. Event guerilla marketing, think dance mobs, performance activations.
  4. Experiential guerilla marketing, a mix of all the above.
  5. Digital guerrilla marketing, think viral videos, one-page sites, social media.


How to use guerrilla marketing with Linkcard’s mobile-first sites?

One of the best examples of guerrilla marketing was a one-page website with a small message, can you guess what it was? We’ll give you a hint, it’s kind of scary.

It was the marketing done for the Blair Witch Project movie, this film was made by two students with a very small budget, so what did they do? They created a website devoted to the Blair Witch and the supposed disappearance of these students. This viral guerrilla marketing campaign filled the internet with rumors and free advertising for the film

All they need was a website, spooky design, and a great tagline“In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary. A year later, their footage was found.”

You can do that with Linkcard, less scary but just as effective. Imagine:

  1. Creating a one-page site for the launch of one of your products
  2. Presenting your intriguing information as a site..
  3. Gifting your clients their own personal site.
  4. Generating QR codes that lead to promotional sites and placing them in unexpected places.
  5. Ad banners to your emails with our signatures features.

We give you a carefully designed digital canvas, the best editing tools, easy to use features and you can make your own guerrilla marketing site go live in minutes.

How to create your own one-page site for guerrilla marketing

You already know all the uses Linkcard’s one-page sites can have for your next guerrilla marketing campaign, now discover how to create them.

1. Sign up with:

  1. Enter an email and password
  2. Use your Google account
  3. Facebook profile or
  4. Apple account

After entering this information, you will have to agree with the terms and conditions.

2. Choose a template and edit your mobile site

Linkcard offers tons of templates for different purposes, created by professional web designers and easy to edit.

3. Add features

Connect with a store, add a location, link to your social media, add video, whatever you want with a click and drag.

4. Go Live!

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