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A Linkcard guide to email signature marketing

A Linkcard guide to email signature marketing

Email signature marketing is one of the newest and most useful passive promotion opportunities you could be missing out on.

First, because you may not know what email signature marketing is, or because you don’t have the right tools to make it a part of your strategy. Linkcard is here to give you an answer to both and show you the best ways to make your email signature a powerful marketing tool.

What is email signature marketing?

Just like the terms would suggest, email signature marketing is the strategy of using your send-off signature at the bottom of your emails as an opportunity for marketing. Meaning adding a link to a company video, a sales meeting scheduler, an active promo, product campaigns, or one other CTA’s.

The traditional email signature is comprised of just name, job title, and company, but there’s space for so much more. You could be inviting people to your social media profiles, to watch your videos, and to connect immediately. Making email signatures a bigger component of your branding, for awareness, sales, and general strategy will give you an extra opportunity to catch someone’s attention.

What makes email signature’s a powerful marketing tool?

The sheer volume of emails sent on a daily basis makes it an amazing tool for making a great impression on clients, spreading branding and marketing messages. In our digital age emailing is one of the leading forms of business liaison and networking, especially now that face to face meeting is more limited.

On average 128.8 billion business emails are sent every day

Using one of Linkcard email signatures templates allows you to expand in the type of information you can have on your emails. Adding things like social media, website links, and other promotional items. All of these features are simple, easy to add and get you more brand awareness in every email you send.

With email marketing still being a powerhouse tool for sales and brand building, why would you miss out on closing your communications with one extra marketing punch.

How to create email signatures with Linkcard

Linkcard is a digital marketing tool where you can create and activate emails signatures in just minutes, for you and your whole team. Plus, you can use those same signatures as digital business cards or other marketing purposes. This is how you do it:


You can register at Linkcard with your Facebook, Email, Google, or Apple account. No strings attached, no hassle. Once you are registered you can either choose a plan or go forward with Freemium. Linkcard offers special discounted deals for companies looking to activate email signatures for all their employees.


Edit and personalize your Linkcard template with pictures, emails, icons, and links. So, each employee can use their emails in a targeted way that helps you achieve your goals.

The platform is no-code needed, templates are created by professional designers with years of experience, features can be added with a drag and drop and the editing system is simple and straightforward. Plus, you get support throughout the whole process from the Linkcard technical team.


Once you’ve created your email signature all you have to do is follow a simple process and send it to yourself or your team.

  1. Make sure you add email information
  2. Add a picture or logo
  3. Save changes
  4. Activate email signatures on your dashboard
  5. Go to the email signature section and send it to yourself to your team
  6. Watch this tutorial for more information

Why should you create your email signatures with Linkcard?

Linkcard offers you the simplest and quickest way to create email signatures but not just that, our platform has a ton of benefits that you will enjoy.

  1. Ready to go templates
  2. Easy to edit and update
  3. Add photos or logos
  4. Connect with your social media channels
  5. Integration with calendar and meeting schedules
  6. Add your phone number and WhatsApp
  7. Use the original business card template as a digital alternative to the paper options
  8. Technical support through the whole process
  9. Lead optimization
  10. Data collection

Tips for using Email signatures as a marketing tool

  1. Add your social media profiles to it.
  2. Connect with your main site.
  3. Create a style and look for them.
  4. Personalize with photos and logo, to stay top of mind and build brand awareness.
  5. Update with important details.
  6. Share company news.
  7. Get subscribers for newsletters.
  8. Add data or slogans like “the number one brand in its industry”
  9. Pay attention to the traffic data resulting from it to make the best changes in strategy or design.
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