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80% of the companies that utilized Linkcard Loyalty observed a 55% increase in customer return within a 6-month period.

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The customer must scan the code with their cell phone.


Upon completing the registration, their digital membership is generated.


As the customer consumes, they can request the points to be loaded.


The user can always view the benefits available for redemption.

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What is a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is a system of rewards and benefits designed for repeat customers, with the intention of improving their retention, return rate, and boosting business sales. It’s a highly effective strategy proven by major chains worldwide.

Why is it important to retain your customers?

Retaining a repeat customer is more cost-effective than acquiring a new one, as these customers are the ones who invest the most in your business, either due to the quality or price of your product or service. Loyalty programs, such as these, foster a sense of belonging and community in the consumer, resulting in a unique and memorable shopping experience that enhances the virality of your business.

Why is Linkcard different from other loyalty programs?

Linkcard is a system designed for quick and easy implementation. It’s an online software that is fully customizable and adaptable to different types of businesses, where you can implement one of these programs for your business in minutes without prior knowledge.

How many programs can I have?

Linkcard allows you to create as many loyalty programs as you wish. Our folder organization system will enable you to create programs with different configurations, rewards, and benefits, which you can implement for various customer profiles.

Can I download my members' data?

Absolutely! Linkcard allows you to export your customer data to an Excel file, which you can use for various marketing actions such as sending newsletters or entering this data into your favorite CRM.

Do I need to print cards for my members?

Definitely NOT. Linkcard is a 100% digital system, designed to save you from excessive printing costs. Your clients will receive a digital card through a simple registration process, which can be easily and quickly saved on their mobile devices, keeping your client updated on their points and unlocked benefits.

How does the points loading work?

We have developed a very user-friendly “Web App” where you simply need to search for your client by name or email and grant or redeem their points. Our support team will always be available to guide you through this process.

Can I integrate a program into my digital store?

Yes, it is possible, but for a proper integration with our system, there may be custom programming costs that need to be evaluated by our programming team to ensure its correct implementation.

What type of industries is a loyalty program recommended for?

A loyalty program can be applied to almost any industry with a bit of creativity, although our system is primarily designed for consumer businesses, where you can award points based on money spent.

What kind of statistics can I obtain?

Linkcard allows you to obtain demographic information such as the average age of your consumers, a consumption schedule, average ticket, number of members, your top 10 repeat consumers, and much more!

How many branches can I add?

Each time you create a new folder/program, you can set as many branches as you want. This way, the same program (with its respective rewards and benefits) can be applied to different branches, which will then be displayed separately in your statistics.

Can I resell loyalty programs?

Of course, YES. Under the same Linkcard account, you can create loyalty programs for yourself or for third parties, opening up a great commercial opportunity for designers and marketers who wish to make use of this great customer retention tool.