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How to build an online store with Linkcard in just minutes

How to build an online store with Linkcard

If you have or want to start, a small business then you have probably asked yourself: how to build an online store quickly, with no hassle, and with a reasonable budget.

Because whether you sell products or services, you know by now that you need to be online to get a bigger piece of the market. Well, Linkcard has an answer to your question and the tools for building an online store in just minutes. Want to learn more?



Why do you need an online store?

The world has changed, and not just because we were locked in our homes for a while although that certainly has accelerated some aspects of the shifts. We have been moving towards digital more and more, especially in how we shop. In the last few years, people have grown to love the ease and commodity of shopping online, over going to physical stores.

In a study conducted in May 2020 by Accenture, they found that it is expected that the volume of online purchases by infrequent digital shoppers will increase by 160% in the coming years. A really important figure in terms of sales opportunities. Meaning a whole new market will open but only if you have an online presence.

If you are a new brand, then eCommerce offers you a window to showcase your products to a bigger audience and sell to almost everyone, anywhere. Just in the US alone, 46% of consumers tried a new product or brand in the last year, thanks to the easy access provided by online stores. So, new or established, you better get online and start selling now.

Why do mobile sites make sense for business?

Mobile UX is at the top of the list for functionally, ranking, and conversation for any site. Because more than 50% of navigation now originates from smartphones and similar devices, meaning the mobile-first method Linkcard was built under is here to stay and could work wonders for your goals.

Having a great mobile site is key for positioning well on Google search rankings, and for other SEO reasons, it also pays off in time and savings. Linkcard’s mobile sites are so easy to build you can have one in minutes, and you don’t need to pay out more than whatever plan you subscribe to. No hidden programming feeds, no extra designs budgets.

The biggest reason to go mobile is that half your market will probably choose that channel over others. It’s estimated that 50% of online shopping and spending will come from smartphones by September 2022 (in the US), that’s in a little over a year, so why not jump ahead and get in the market.



How to build an online store with Linkcard in minutes

Linkcard is a no-code, no-hassle, easy mobile site builder that works for clients that want solutions fast, sites that look good, and provide users with a top experience.

We created the platform under the mobile-first and no-code motto, to give more people the power to build online stores, digital business cards, or any other site quick and easily.


To get started just create an account on Linkcard app with your Email, Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

That’s all you need, you can start building your site immediately!

Select a template

Linkcard templates are created by professional web designers and developers. So, they are made to provide design guidelines, great style, be fast, and be useful for your goals. We are trying to make building an online store the easiest it’s ever been.

You can simply start by selecting the “product” template and building up from there, or you can explore the many other template options the site has to offer from real estate to restaurants. Choose the one that matches your goals and get going.

Edit and personalize your site

After you’ve chosen your template, you can begin the process of adjusting it to your personal style and objectives. With an easy-to-use drag and edit style, you can add text boxes, pictures, logos, and videos. Plus you get all the Linkcard features:

  • Connect to your social media
  • Sell a product directly
  • Create newsletters
  • Show your portfolio of work
  • Redirect to another site
  • and more!

Go live and start selling online today!

After you’ve made your Linkcard template look and feel like your own, then you are ready to go live with your new online store or mobile site, you can choose a plan or stay in the Freemium range, set your project to go live, and enjoy the perks of having a Linkcard website.

  • Sell quickly and safely
  • Get traffic from your online presence
  • Build your online brand
  • Collect data from visitors
  • Get feedback from consumers
  • Grow your business!
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