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How can tech tools help me use my time better?

How can tech tools help me use my time better?

Technology has changed almost every aspect of modern life, from connecting us to the people we love most in different ways to maximizing our time.

With the help of well-used tools that can keep the clock ticking in our favor. So, here is our important question of the day: how can tech tools help me use my time better? You won’t want to miss the answer, because as you know time is the most important asset at our disposal.

Time wasted is one of the biggest downfalls for our productivity and morale, a recent study found that up to 26% of an employee’s day is spent doing avoidable tasks, with one of the main causes of misused time being outdated technology and having to manually input information or tasks. Just think how much time you or your employees will spend on useful tasks with a few tech updates.

We’ll present you with a few great choices for time management tech, but if you find yourself needing more, remember these factors when choosing your next tech tool:

  • Easy integration with other tools and operating systems
  • Go with no-code or programming required
  • Read reviews from real users
  • Connect with the representatives of the brand and chat about your needs
  • Try it out, take advantage of trial periods, and include employees on the test drive
  • Create a schedule for training on how to use the tool, don’t let your team go in unprepared

Now, let’s get to the best time-saving tools we can think of.

Toggl – Keep all your moves in one place

If you need someone to point out where you are wasting your time then this is the tool for you. Toggle keeps track of all your tasks during the day and times stamps them. You will be able to figure out the biggest question of them all: what’s taking so long?

This is a great asset to pinpoint where your efforts are getting bottlenecked, so you can speed up those tasks. Another great thing is this Toggl communicates issues directly to the people that need to know, meaning managers can offer more support to teams on certain issues or delegate tasks better.

5 reasons to use Toggl

  1. Check-in on progress made on projects
  2. Keep using it offline
  3. Create billable hours reports
  4. Communicate time management issues directly up the chain
  5. Use it on mobile devices too

Calendar – Stay in control of your meetings

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the rise of work at home policies, we have been attending more meetings, yeah it’s not just in you. A Harvard study found that workers now have 13% more meetings and that the workday has expanded for most by almost 50 minutes or 8.2 %, all as a result of adapting to a new work environment.

These meetings are not just going to disappear but the way you manage them can greatly improve with tools like You can have all your calendars with important dates, meetings, and appointments all in one place. At the same time, you can make scheduling meetings easier and more organized, letting people choose their own meeting time, while you control what they see and the free periods they can choose from. works with an Artificial Intelligence backed system that gets to know your schedules and organizes your day for you. This tool can make your and your team’s meetings easier to put together and increase productivity during the day.

5 reasons to use

  1. Take advantage of the analytics section to improve your time management
  2. Integrate with other tools and apps like Linkcard
  3. Share your calendar with just a link
  4. Use it on different platforms and devices
  5. Edit what others can see in your calendar

Linkcard: Create micro-websites in minutes

Websites are one of the most useful assets for business, networking, or sales, and having a tool that allows you to create one in just minutes is going to help you make the most of your time. Linkcard is a no-code mobile site builder where you can put together a page with little effort and still get high-quality results.

Take our the middlemen when it comes to creating sites for your needs, set your objective, write the content, apply to a designer-made template, then you are good and ready to go live!

Linkcard turns what could be months-long website projects into simple tasks with a great finish. Plus there are so many options to what you can do with their templates from product launch sites, digital business cards, e-commerce stores, and more.

5 reasons to use Linkcard

  1. Have control over site building projects
  2. Speed up website creation
  3. Take advantage of integrations like the one we have with
  4. Use its multiple templates for different goals
  5. Create digital business cards and email signatures for your entire team
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