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All about Linkcard’s Digital Business Cards

All about Linkcard's Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards are the next evolution of business cards, and they are here to stay!

As networking and business relations have updated with the integration of emails, LinkedIn, and other digital tools, the paper card has held on as long as it could. However, the time has come to retire the traditional business card for the more versatile digital version.

Why is the pivot to digital business cards inevitable? 

Seeing and using digital business cards will soon become part of your every day, as online tools become more paramount, having all your networking data available and digital can make an immense difference in how effectively you do business.

Not only does going digital offer you technological benefits, but it also makes you look good. More updated and savvy, as well as conscious.

Using digital business cards is more sustainable, adaptable, and useful for any company or professional looking to network with efficiency and style.

The move from paper to digital is pretty much inevitable at the moment. Saying goodbye to your old business cards will open the door to creating, designing, and taking advantage of all the marketing opportunities of digital business cards. Why would you want to miss out?

How can you save and share information with digital business cards? 

Going paper free might seem like a challenge for you, and once you are not sure how to tackle it, we are here to tell you, there’s no need to worry!

If you are using Linkcard digital business cards you will be able to easily save and share information with your Linkcards. That’s what they are made for.

Here are a few of the ways you can use your digital business cards for saving and sharing information:

  • Share your digital business cards as a link
  • Share your digital business cards as an image with your information
  • Share your digital business cards as QR code
  • Copy and paste saved information into notes, emails, etc
  • Save contacts directly on your phone, email lists
  • Save contact information as a .vcf format on your computer’s address book or Outlook
  • Track contacts from leads
  • Nurture and manage leads
  • Use a lead capture form with Linkcard Pro accounts
  • Share all the information you need from one place
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Business website
    • Whatsapp
    • LinkedIn and other social media channels
    • Calendar for meetings
  • Share your business cards as many times as you need, never run out
  • Change, edit, and manage your business cards from the Linkcard platform anytime you need to

Putting pen and paper aside allows you to easily integrate data from networking into your own CRM systems, contacts agendas, and email list. Get a digital business card for a digital world!

How can you help your employees transition to digital business cards?

Once you have seen the advantages of using digital business cards you’ll want to equip your whole company with them. This will help your business look organized and uniform, plus integrate leads and contacts into one place.

You can create an enterprise plan with Linkcard that includes the deployment of this tool for your whole website.

Arm your employees with an extra tool to impress and sell, using our professionally designed templates and adding your company branding to them.

You can also create email signatures from the same cards and add that to your digital marketing arsenal. These allow you to add contact information to your emails, plus promo messaging and more!

All the benefits of using digital business cards

Let’s do a quick recount of all the good things that come with going digital with your business cards, in case you need more reasons to try Linkcard.

  • All your information in one card
  • Add links to websites and social media
  • Allows leads to book meetings immediately
  • Get lead information organized and digital
  • Collect traffic data
  • Get analytics from your data
  • Never run out of cards
  • Unify your company brand
  • Give all your employees an email signature
  • Update and change information whenever you need to
  • Impress with a digital, sleek look
  • Take advantage of lead-boosting tools

How to create digital business cards for your entire workforce with Linkcard? 

It’s easy to go digital with your business cards, if you choose Linkcard all you need to do is:

  1. Choose a Linkcards plan that works for your needs
  2. Design your digital business
  3. Activate and share!

Make your first business card now! 

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