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What are Leads and how to generate them?

What are Leads and how to generate them?

Companies invest time and money to win new customers, at we are experts in lead generation and we will tell you how we can help you using our tools.

«The term lead is used in Marketing to refer to visitors who have voluntarily left us their contact details, to become part of our database and thus become future customers. It is very important to pay attention to their quality so that the conversion is more effective. “


At present we can find 3 types of leads:

1. Information-Qualified Leads (IQL)

It is named in this way because they do not have enough information to purchase the product or service that we offer so we have to help them make that decision. They are also called “cold”.

2. Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQL)

MQLs show interest in what we offer, but are not ready to buy yet. So we must guide them to choose us.

3. Sales-Qualified Leads (SQL)

It is a lead who has already made the decision to buy and is about to become a customer.

In the differences are crystal clear to us and we want to show you tools that can help you retain the contacts that are in these 3 types of leads and thus transform them into customers.


How to generate the first contact?

You have surely participated in conferences, workshops or talks; In all these cases a space is always reserved for the attendees to get to know each other. At that time Networking takes center stage. In addition, you can use your email signature as a call to action element, this allows your visitors to contact each other easily. With you can easily add a promotional banner to your email signature which enables you to promote a product or service in your daily communication and obtain statistics of such interaction.

Is it possible to create a database of your visitors?

Yes, thanks to our advanced Lead Booster system we can request contact information and personal information from the visitors of your «Linkcards».

How to manage a lead?

Once we have a meaningful database of leads, it is important to know what to do with it. It is important to nurture Leads that have less engagement, with interesting content and pay more attention to them. The management process consists of the following steps: data collection, classification, nutrition, sales and customer loyalty.

How to attract the attention of your visitors?

In we have a wide variety of designer-made templates to attract the attention of different visitors, we also have a digital card editor which allows you to adjust colors and texts so to maintain the visual identity of your enterprise or company.

Are all leads good?

No, so we must separate and identify those who are most likely to convert, those who are not very interested, and those who may never become a customer. Once we obtain this data it is important to focus only on the first two.

Is it important to keep a record of statistics?

Yes, it is very important, because thanks to them we can know when is the right time to send a message, post on social networks and on the blog. At we have statistics that allow you to track the performance and visibility of your digital business cards.

What strategies can I use to generate leads?

At we are experts in lead generation, we’ll tell you about the strategies you can use.


As time goes by, your database will grow so e-mail will become an excellent medium to launch and disseminate material. Remember to consult the statistics for this as well as make a smart use of your digital signature.


A blog is one of the most important tools when attracting qualified users, the main focus is on generating a lot of organic traffic.

Interactive Landing Pages

The objective of these pages is to stimulate the user with an original and creative experience that allows them to: interact with dynamic resources, share it with their loved ones on social networks and provide their contact information. With’s “Mobile Landing Pages” you can easily add videos, product information and much more.

Paid traffic

If you do not have relevant traffic, it is recommended that you use these means to accelerate your lead generation, but it is important not to depend on paid traffic forever. The most common tools for generating leads are Facebook and Google ads. In you can use our «Mobile Landing Page» as an intermediate step.

Digital Business Cards

Our digital business cards are the best tool to start, thanks to our incredible designer-made templates, it is very simple to attract the attention of visitors, as well as being able to personalize them and give them the custom-style you prefer. In addition, our business cards fulfill the function of “Mobile Landing Page” which allows you to have all your content in one place.

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