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What type of website builder is best for you?

What type of website builder is best for you?

Not long ago you needed to have experience and knowledge in web development or coding in order to go live with a website.

Now, thanks to technology and platform created by developers you can create your website without any previous experience or training. These new apps for online creation are one of the best tools at the disposal of business owners and general audiences. Letting people and brands begin to have a presence online with less effort and budget.

It’s important to remember that being online is now one of the biggest business requirements for selling and creating awareness. If you are serious about your project you need to have a website. So people can find you in searches and potential customers can discover you.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a tech platform or app that helps users create websites from templates and features. This type of tool was made by developers and it makes the process of building a website easy and automated. You’re probably familiar with the most common ones like Wix. There are now also builders for apps and other web products. This facilitates that individuals, brands, and businesses can have what they need without having to be experts or hire them.

Using a website builder vs hiring a website developer

As we mentioned before the concept and benefits of a website builder are geared towards both business and personal entrepreneurs. Specifically for those that do not have heavy technical requirements for a website a no code builder can work wonders. Because they cut costs, are faster to implement, and can still be personalized or branded.

When to consider working with a web developer over a no code website builder? You should hire a web developer when your site needs to host a lot of information, activate special features or you are building a website-hosted service like online software. These types of projects require coding and more specialized work.

What to consider when choosing a website builder?

If you choose to go with a no code website builder for your business, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. How easy it is to use
  2. Does it offer mobile sites
  3. Plans offered
  4. Templates available
  5. Building support or guidance

Having these things in mind when you make your choice will help you make the best decision for your goals.

How does Linkcard’s no code website builder works?

Linkcard’s no code website builder has a mobile first approach to website creation. Because more than half of online traffic comes from mobile devices, and people are more likely to shop with their smartphones than anything else, it’s the perfect place to start.

Using Linkcard you can choose templates for any purpose and create a mobile site in just minutes, plus you get super useful features like:

  1. Social media linking
  2. e-commerce capabilities
  3. Lead capture
  4. Easy drag and drop editing
  5. Signature email marketing activations
  6. Build and go live the same day

The best part is it just takes one step to get started

1. Register here and start building your new mobile site!

Choosing your website

So, you’ve got the website builder. Now you need to assess your needs and choose the type of site most useful for your business or brand. For this decision, you’ll need to consider the ultimate goal of the website and choose a template that fits.

How to choose the right type of website?

  1. Micro landing page or microsites: works like a landing page just smaller, great for promoting new products and small business.
  2. Portfolio sites: for designers, photographers, and copywriters to showcase their work to prospective clients.
  3. e-commerce: online store for selling beyond physical locations, expanding markets.
  4. Newsletters: update customers, users, or clients on new developments and the latest news.
  5. Support page: create a page that connects to a number or assistance chat for users of your products.
  6. Blog: upload content that is useful and generates visits.
  7. Events: create sites for particular events and parties.

Every need has a corresponding template or type of website that can be built to meet it. You just need to find yours. Remember you can always change, adapt and edit when you choose to use a website builder, so test it out and rethink if you don’t see the results you were hoping for.

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